Downloading MetaSim

Current Release

Changes to the previous release


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The library has been succesfully compiled and tested using the gcc 3.2 compiler under Linux and the same compiler under the CygWin environment for Windows 9x/NT/2000/ XP. We would like to have some feedback on the use of other compilers and environment.

Compiling the library

What you need is:

If you use windows, we reccomend you to download the CygWin programming environment.

After unzipping the file, you will get a directory metasim.

Running the tests and examples

To check that everything works ok, go to the directory metasim/tests/ and run make. An executable file test will be produced: running test, a set of tests will be executed. You should get the following output:
Calling the random test.... ok!
Calling the entity test.... ok! 
If this is the case, then everything is ok. Otherwise, please contact us with a detailed description of the problem!

To get a first introduction to the MetaSim library, you can compile and run the examples. By now there are two examples on a M/M/1 queue and on a Markov chain. Simply go in the directory metasim/examples/queue, type make and run the queue executable file. There is also a brief explaination of how the example works in the README file, and the queue.hpp file is filled with comments.

Author: Giuseppe Lipari